What we can do to you !

 We help aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve their next goal by distance mentoring program. In this platform we deliver international business models, concepts, ideas, tools, techniques and action plans through online. We use interactive learning techniques, guided constructive methodology with innovative tools and techniques to select and reach your next goal.

Exactly, What are goals !

Preparing / applying for abroad studies – country / course selection – processes

Preparing / pitching business plan for – fundraising / co-founder mapping / processes

Preparing / submitting research proposal for publishing on google scholar / processes

Preparing / applying for professional jobs – resume preparation / interview preparation

The importance of having a mentor in your life. let’s have a look at a small analogy from point a to point B that you are trying to figure out the way to go from point a to point B by yourself. It is going to take a lot of time and it is going to take a lot of energy, you might have to try going to different streets try going to the friend destination where you want to go try to do some research and self education and trying to achieve their goals.

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The problem is the different people are going to give you different directions some and basically what happens is that you end up wasting a lot of time and energy again, and you might get to your destination a little bit sooner than trying to figure it out by yourself, but compare all the store having a GPS system imagine having Google maps app on your phone and you can just put your destination that you can save want to go there and the app will give you directions.

So this is how having a mentor in your life is going to help you, It is going to help you reach your destination faster and it is going to save a lot of time and energy for you, and at end of the day your goal is to just get to your destination then why don’t you just take a guidance from a mentor, who has already done what you are trying to achieve and basically get their pipeline be following the directions of a mentor.