There is a saying, Three Apples🍏 that changed the World🌎

The Apple which fell on Newton’s head turns out to be Gravity

The apple mentioned in the Bible called “Eve’s apple”

Most’ important Steve Jobs Apple company

This article is all about the design of Apple’s iPhone 13 and also about the future performance of the Apple company

Enormous iPhone 13 Upgrades Uncovered in New Apple Exclusive iPhone 

Apple iPhone 13’s tremendous rear camera(Left)

Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup has a quick release schedule and some lengthy features, but the focus will be on two beautiful design choices.

  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max – 16.99mm much gigantic camera than its predecessor
  2. iPhone 13 Pro Max notch – 34.62mm pretty huge
  3. Dimension of iPhone 13 Pro Max – 160.85 x 78.08 x 7.52 mm
This is a 30 percent reduction in size, and though it’s not the notch-free endgame that everyone desires, it is a significant reduction for a product that includes all of Apple’s class-leading Face ID facial recognition technology.
iPhone 12 Max Pro vs iPhone 13 Max Pro

One more highlight is that iPhone 13 Pro Max designed with a 120Hz Display giving a strong competition to Samsung

Additional information on the launch is that there would be a possible return of Touch ID, or any of the leaked internal updates, which include next-gen 5G modems, enhanced WiFi speeds and range, MagSafe 2.0, and improved power quality.
On the other hand, with iPhone 13 production running ahead of schedule, it appears that you’ll just have to wait 2-3 months for Tim Cook to confirm them on stage.

But wait a minute, Did I just say about Apple company performance!

Let me ask a question,

Do you think that investing in a value-less product is the best or highly valuable stock is best?

Because, If you see the current stock price of Apple is 128.74USD as of 6th May 2021.

However, the market is dull once if we see the production results in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2021 then the price of Apple will gradually rise like you never see.

Apple Chart for 6months

You could see that the price has risen high and came down a little, this is the right time to invest

iPhone 13 Max Pro vs Apple stock bundle, Think and Invest.


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